The Backlog Swamp: Virginia

In which one brave writer wades into the thick, swampy waters of his backlog and plays a random game from it for an hour or two. Probably with little-to-no prior knowledge of said game, because he’s forgotten why he bought it.

I got the gist of what was happening, but I barely understood what the hell was going on in Virginia. Apparently, that’s by design. Or I’m just stupid. It could be a mixture of the two. It isn’t though.

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A Few Hours In: Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

Ahoy! As the title suggests, I’ve spent a few hours in Sea of Thieves. What I’ve played so far, I love. Aargh. I half-heartedly promise to keep pirate themed vocabulary to a minimum. But I’m sure there’ll be points where it’s required, ye scurvy dogs and/or landlubbers.

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85 Hours In: They Are Billions

I started writing this at 39 hours. Then I started writing it again at 62 hours. Finally, here I am at 85 hours. Infection has set in. My flesh has rotted and flaked from my bones, and I’ve managed to get the game’s teeth out of me.

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