I am certain I’m lazier than you. I’d put money on it, but I can’t afford to because I don’t work. See?



I achieved the only ambition I ever had when I was nineteen years old. Namely; to have the capability to watch TV and play videogames in my bedroom. I’ve been pretty happy living like this for around seven years now.

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If in Doubt, Run Away

I’m sick of my stupid head. I spend so much time wallowing in a hole that I can’t get out of. Of course, once I’m out of it, after a few hours my elation turns to apprehension, because I’m so scared of falling back in and the next thing I know, I’m there once more. I can feel it happening as I type this.

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Just well practiced indolence today.

I keep thinking about things I want to write and throwing them at the backs of my eyeballs and fingers from my stupid, lazy brain for weeks and weeks, then when I come to write them I realise I’m as incoherent and inarticulate on paper as I am verbally. Then I remember that videogames are more fun and way easier. So, I switch windows to Steam.

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