137 Hours In: Ghost Recon Wildlands

I don’t really know how this happened. I only installed it to say I’d given it a go. I fully expected to ditch it after a couple of hours.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild: I do not care for it.

I haven’t played a Zelda game since Wind Waker in 2002. I bought a Switch in November specifically to play BoTW. I figured it was worth it based on the strength of praise both the game and console were getting. I was excited. I couldn’t wait. When my Switch was delayed by a day, I nearly cried. Skip to the end: I’ve not been more disappointed in a game since… I don’t know. Perhaps, without hyperbole, it’s the most disappointing game I’ve ever played. Goddamn hype trains, man. Love the Switch though.

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New Fancy Keyboard

Whoooop. Got a new shiny mechanical keyboard today. It’s all brushed aluminium and backlit LEDs. SERIOUSLY shiny.

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Just well practiced indolence today.

I keep thinking about things I want to write and throwing them at the backs of my eyeballs and fingers from my stupid, lazy brain for weeks and weeks, then when I come to write them I realise I’m as incoherent and inarticulate on paper as I am verbally. Then I remember that videogames are more fun and way easier. So, I switch windows to Steam.

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