I am certain I’m lazier than you. I’d put money on it, but I can’t afford to because I don’t work. See?

Over the last two weeks or so I’ve amassed more than ninety nine unread WhatsApp messages on my phone (the counter only goes up to ninety nine, I’ve been here before) and at least six messages from Facebook friends. Thinking is hard. Using thumbs to type on a touchscreen is harder. I don’t know how it’s taken off and continues to gain momentum. Especially when we have lovely mechanical keyboards to use. Ahem.

I am currently defragging my sister’s laptop. That’s something, right? Three mouse clicks and two mouse movements. And not even with a mouse. An Acer trackpad. Eww gross. They’re really hard.

Later I will eat whatever my mother whips up for supper.

I’ve been pausing the 60GB download for GTA V during the daytime, so our shitty rural Internet connection isn’t useless while anyone actually uses it. I suppose that’s more decent than industrious.

Please tell me I'm pretty.

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