Smoking and Drinking

I really enjoy smoking when I drink, it’s the best. But then I try it when I’m sober, realise it’s disgusting and stops me breathing properly. Apparently I don’t mind this when I drink, because after about two drinks, I begin chain smoking. Maybe it just kills the foul taste of ’em, because let’s be honest; after about two pints, can you really still taste beer anyway?

God, I wish I had enough money to exclusively drink whiskey. You can always taste that. I bet its taste would still shine through even after the application of a liberal helping of tarmac to my mouth. Whiskey.

Today I’m drinking Kronenbourg 1664 (I know, I’m fancy). It’s a beer I’ve liked since I was about thirteen when my family would go on holiday to France and my parents would get a bit pissed on it. My siblings and I wouldn’t notice, because we led a sheltered upbringing and were regularly informed that beer and wine were “grown up drinks”, not mildly poisonous and often hilarious.

Please tell me I'm pretty.

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