Just well practiced indolence today.

I keep thinking about things I want to write and throwing them at the backs of my eyeballs and fingers from my stupid, lazy brain for weeks and weeks, then when I come to write them I realise I’m as incoherent and inarticulate on paper as I am verbally. Then I remember that videogames are more fun and way easier. So, I switch windows to Steam.

Also I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of an original thought, because almost the entirety of my life is the consumption of the creations of other people. So when I start writing I remember a bit from a book or a TV show (it’s pretty much always a TV show, I rarely read, shhhh, lying to myself makes life better) and how I’m essentially copying that or writing in such a way something that my favourite character would think is boring and I give up.

Oh well, back to ‘Mark of the Ninja‘.

Please tell me I'm pretty.

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